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AI, deep learning and video analytics will be inherent in all digital surveillance



AI, deep learning and video analytics will be inherent in all digital surveillance

Today’s security industry has reached a critical mass in the volume of collected data and the limits of human attention to effectively search through that data. As such, the demand for video analytics is increasing globally and we believe that all video surveillance systems will eventually feature video analytics.
Artificial Intelligence solutions
Through the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Avigilon™ is developing technologies and products that dramatically increase the effectiveness of security systems by focusing human attention on what matters most. As AI solutions become adopted, this technology provides scalable solutions that can be deployed across a range of verticals and applications to better address security challenges.

GPU technology increases in value
As the world becomes increasingly connected, the way we think about and interact with our security systems will continue to evolve across all verticals and applications. The emergence of GPU technology, in particular, has led to a dramatic increase in performance and value. With the democratisation of video analytics, and increased use of AI and deep learning, we believe that video analytics will be inherent in all digital surveillance and used in broader applications. Cybersecurity will become paramount as we move toward a more connected approach to security – particularly as our collected data becomes more sophisticated and critical.

Avigilon revenue growth
We’re pleased to see our 39th consecutive quarter of year over year revenue growth in 2017, thanks to a strong pipeline of innovative products and AI-driven technology, including our latest version of our award-winning Avigilon Appearance SearchTM technology, a sophisticated deep learning AI search engine, that makes searching video as easy as searching the internet, and Avigilon™ Unusual Motion Detection technology, which will bring a new level of automation to the security industry. Our focus on innovation has allowed us to stay at the cutting edge of meeting our customers’ needs.
We expect to continue to expand our security solutions in 2018, with innovative products like our forthcoming Avigilon BlueTM platform, a subscription-based cloud service platform for security and surveillance that will provide a new level of accessibility to users by enhancing their ability to deploy AI solutions and services.

By Willem Ryan